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Growth saving deposits

Grows alongside your needs

Growth saving deposits

Grows alongside your needs

  • Guaranteed, annually increasing interest
  • Limited term
  • With rewards for your perseverance

A little more every year

  • Start with low deposits
  • Guaranteed, annually increasing interest
  • Choose from a range of different terms
  • Reward yourself for your savings
  • Also makes a great gift for children or grandchildren

100 percent peace of mind

With the Sparkassen Finance Group, you can rest absolutely assured that all of your money is in the safest of hands possible.

Helping you to fulfil your dreams

Putting a little bit of money aside now will allow you to fulfil one of your bigger dreams in a couple of years to come. However, should you ever want to draw on your savings before then, our growth savings account is the perfect answer.   

Online tax exemption order

Providing your Sparkasse with an exemption order will allow you to save 25 percent of your capital gains that would otherwise be paid to the tax authorities as capital gains tax.

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